Safu and fair, where memes meet crypto! Join our vibrant community and experience the excitement of the Memetron Token on the Binance Smart Chain. Get ready for fun, rewards, and a journey to new meme-filled heights. Let's revolutionize the crypto meme world together!

Much meme

Why memetron?

  • Creative meme-inspired token

  • Community-driven with a focus on inclusivity

  • Strategic tokenomics for long-term sustainability

  • NFT staking and mint

  • Exciting staking and farming opportunities

  • Join the revolution and let the memes take us to new heights!

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Token name
Memetron (MMTN)
Total supply
5% buy , 5% sell
Binance smart chain

Much progress


Phase 1: Launch and Consolidation

  • Q3 2023: Memetron Token launch via PinkSale

  • Q3-Q4 2023: Community consolidation and strategic partnership development

  • Q4 2023: Memetron listing on popular exchanges

Phase 2: Ecosystem Enhancement

  • Q1 2024: Development and launch of the Memetron NFT creation platform

  • Q2 2024: Implementation of NFT Staking system for additional rewards

  • Q3 2024: Integration with other NFT platforms and partnerships with renowned artists

Phase 3: Expansion and Growth

  • Q4 2024: Launch of marketing campaigns to increase Memetron and NFT ecosystem adoption

  • Q1 2025: Exploration of partnerships with complementary projects in the crypto art and NFT industry

  • Q2 2025: Expansion to other NFT-compatible chains and interconnectivity